This morning during my prayer time, I said something that snatched both Jesus and I out of it. I said “Thank you Father I’m no longer a homewrecker”. Talk about a confession. First, let me make it very clear,  I HAVE NEVER STEPPED OUTSIDE OF MY MARRIAGE!  I am not a homewrecker according to Webster dictionary, but for some odd reason I knew 1547582700347exactly why I said it when I said it.

I’m guilty for going into marriage thinking it would naturally ooze romance, love, friendship, excitement and good times. I was uninformed that those things had nothing to do with marriage itself, but had everything to do with the individuals. If we, as people lacked, our marriage would. We controlled what we oozed.

As of late my marriage oozed, well more so reeked bitterness, disappointment and deadly silent treatments. Rico has been gracious enough as always to extend truce, my lack of maturity wouldn’t allow me. I was my homes own enemy.

Real representation of Rico calling “truce”.

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