Kissing 27 Goodbye

Kissing 27 GoodbyeThis morning was different. Every year I try to overcompensate by sharing propelling anecdotes that would shift my focus off the things I never accomplished. And I get it, birthdays should be the celebration of one living to see another year. Yet this year, all I could think about is that I can not let another year go by without being a good steward over the things God has gifted me with. I’m talking every area of my life; my marriage, finances, ideas, my job, family/friends. Shoot! Even myself. How I govern myself. This blog! My life deserves more than simply waking up and existing. My life deserves to be lived and lived with purpose on purpose.

Today I had to take ownership in prayer and ask for forgiveness. How can one be grateful and have the actions of a thankless wretch at the same time?

Even in these moment when I feel most condemned, better yet ashamed, God doesn’t let up on his grace. Just like anyone’s favorite bartender, he keeps a heavy hand [of grace for his people]. 

If anything, I am excited. I have another opportunity to prove God right. To show him that he entrusted the right person. He was right to allow me to have speedy success in my professional career, he was right to show me how dope the platform for Kissing My Miss Goodbye will be. He was right to trust me with Rico and to connect me with my family, friends and you reading this right now. My guy was right.

So I want to apologize in advance. This year we just going at it a little bit different. Year 28 requires 100% intentionality. I’m stepping on my own neck, ya feel me?

Here’s to Kissing 27 Goodbye!

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